Small Farm Chores are the Best Workout

We have a few acres, lots of ambition and ideas to accomplish in the few hours we are not working or sleeping. Staying fit by hitting weights is one of my favorite activities in the realm of exercise, but not always creating the time to do that sometimes bears down on me. However, having meaningful work around our place can, and does, replace this side of fitness.

We are expanding our gardening area to include about an acre total surrounding our house. We’d like, in the future, to have this as an edible yard that is free from deer, chickens and other uninvited livestock, so we’ve been putting in a 6’+ deer and orchard fence around the entire area. I’ve seen young sheep jump over 5′ in desperation and deer can, when spooked or really hungry, clear a 6′ fence, goats are wizards, so we’ll see about them… but I am confident the “majority” of intruders will be kept out.

We chose 8′ rough cut Juniper posts for their rot resistance and their overall strength for our corners. Digging the holes, hauling the gravel and cement as well as the posts is a great workout for a few days. Walking on uneven, muddy ground with 60lb cement bags, 30lb 8′ posts and heavy wheelbarrows full of gravel and tools makes for a really well rounded day of crossfit! This makes the work “totally worth it man” knocking two needed items out of the way at once.

Now, I’d like a beer, just because that’s what I’ve done after long chores… but it’s dry February for my wife and I, so some mineral water will due just nicely!