Checking out the Ketogenic Diet

I’ve been reading up on the “Keto” diet for the past few weeks and have decided to give it a shot. I generally follow a higher protein, lower carb eating habit as it is, but adding more fat in is so beyond my comfort zone. Why is this?

There is a lot of great data out there showing that “good” fats are really good for you! Good fats like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Fish Oil, Flax Oil are all good and encouraged to eat at a rate of 70% of your daily intake of calories. I feel that is insane, but slowly transitioning into it. I’m down to <50g carbs and getting plenty of protein and now am attempting to get more fat.

My dad also suffers from seizures now and again, so the fact that they have been using this for patients with seizures and finding up to a 50% decrease in seizure activity was awesome. Go Dad!

I should go get a baseline blood test I suppose to see how this is really going for me 🙂

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