2016 Design UX/UI Predictions Short List


I was dwelling on what 2016 will be like in the UX / UI worlds. My predictions are:

  • Flatish
  • Long Drop Shadows
  • Simplify (overall designs)
  • Easier Flow (internet design basedĀ feng shui?)
    • Better “don’t make the user think”
    • More data, less fluff
  • More refining of larger frameworks like bootstrap, material, foundation etc…
  • Accessibility and Web Standards will refine designs across the board for all devices and persons

I’ll see how these predictions happen in 2017!

*Cool Image from CianDesign

Coding Questions? Stack Overflow.


For the past few years my skills have grown exponentially. Learning how to code has never been easier than it is today. There are so many amazing learning resources online, just type in what you are looking for and a tutorial has been written or a discussion has begun.

Of all the learning resources out there, my favorite isn’t a tutorial site or a video series, it is the Q/A website, StackOverflow.

StackOverflow has a huge crowd of amazingly knowledgeable people sharing their combined powers to better the coding community. Find your answers, and help to answer questions by contributing your knowledge.