Oh the wind and rain…

This has been my first full year in Oregon in over 20 years. We’ve been living in much drier environments. Drier air, drier soil and drier shoes. If you don’t own a pair of rubber boots you are a soggy footed feirmeoir when you are in the field. This year especially. January dropped nearly 5″ of rain… still about 1.5″ off the record of 6.6″ in 1936. During heavy rainfall, I felt like 5″ fell in one storm… by the way, how exactly do you measure rainfall?

According to infoplease.com: Most standard rain gauges have a wide funnel leading into the cylinder and are calibrated so that one-tenth of an inch of rain measures one inch when it collects inside. The funnel is 10 times the cross-sectional area of the tube.

I was out digging fence post holes to put up a new fence around the garden. We acquired beautiful 5’x5’x8′ Juniper rough cut posts to wrap the dear and orchard fence on. Without a dog, deer will enjoy the fruits of our hard labor. Anyhow, the 2′ deep (8″ wide) holes would charge half full of water in about 5 minutes. It made for a questionable cementing mixture. Three days later the cement seems to have cured pretty well. I’ll be putting in the other 19 posts in the next few days and, as soon as the ground dries a little, get the beds prepped to start planting. Some year I am not going to go to a supermarket for any produce! After that, no meat or dairy! I’ll probably always go for oil I guess… or maybe some ice cream on a binge…


Interesting Side Effect of Keto Diet

I’ve been a little sick with a cough taken from the kids via Thanksgiving holiday gatherings. I slept in today and didn’t get a really good breakfast. My stomach has been asking for food, but my body does not feel a bit depleted… I’m going with it. I don’t think I need anything even though my belly things so…

Is this due to the Ketosis? Maybe! Great side effect if so.

Checking out the Ketogenic Diet

I’ve been reading up on the “Keto” diet for the past few weeks and have decided to give it a shot. I generally follow a higher protein, lower carb eating habit as it is, but adding more fat in is so beyond my comfort zone. Why is this?

There is a lot of great data out there showing that “good” fats are really good for you! Good fats like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Fish Oil, Flax Oil are all good and encouraged to eat at a rate of 70% of your daily intake of calories. I feel that is insane, but slowly transitioning into it. I’m down to <50g carbs and getting plenty of protein and now am attempting to get more fat.

My dad also suffers from seizures now and again, so the fact that they have been using this for patients with seizures and finding up to a 50% decrease in seizure activity was awesome. Go Dad!

I should go get a baseline blood test I suppose to see how this is really going for me 🙂

Check out some resources:

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  • Podcast! http://fourhourworkweek.com/2015/11/03/dominic-dagostino/
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  • Search Keto Diet 🙂