Drywall Anchors

This is more for my own reference but the drywall anchors that you screw in are better than those steel ones that expand. We have an old house and random stud placement. I just hung a mirror in our bathroom and needed to use some drywall anchors. Those white screw in ones in the picture on the left work great, the ones on the right, steel ones, not as well. They were loose. Maybe the guy at the hardware store had my situation wrong but I’m kind of thinking that those steel ones are more for cement or plywood… Not drywall. 

Getting Organized at Work

Incline Peak before the sun comes up

I have a pretty large and diverse workload. I work with 50+ clients throughout the year and some days I feel like I am pinged by all of them for one thing or another. Most of them are urgent (!), but the others are really gracious about my time. I try and deliver in a timely fashion and not let projects stall on my-side due to a workload issue.

There is a lot of talk about work life balance and how to achieve this to not go insane. I have this pretty well worked out. Three hours a week we are given “wellness” time. This time is really beneficial to my performance as I can escape the computer and lift some weights, ride my bike, go for a run or whatever I have on the schedule for that day. However, there isn’t as much talk about work work balance… Maybe I am just not “searching” for the right keywords?

I use the office suite, Outlook Mail, OneNote etc… It works pretty well, so maybe a reorganization of how I keep my data in that “system” is all that is needed. The large influx of chat messages and email makes it hard to track it all. Pointing clients at a tracking system has been in my thoughts… but then I need to remind them where, how, upkeep the system, etc… Thinking out loud here…

Any advice or thoughts? Please enlighten me to be more organized and therefor responsive and productive.

Dry February

sticky hands beer

Man, after the holidays, I needed a break from “having a beer” or “having a drink,” so we are doing dry February. ┬áIt’s not as bad as you might think! I love having a beer after a good ski / ride with friends or just hanging out chatting, but after the first few days of saying to myself: “i’m going to grab a beer” and then remembering the dry February commitment, it’s been pretty smooth. I was really hoping I’d feel this amazing weight loss or clarity in vision or the like, but really, nothing besides thinking about and having a beer in my hand has changed…

I know this is really hard for some, so I am not at all discounting that, and that was part of why I did this… to really see if I was somewhat dependent on it for feeling different, relaxing, conversation, hanging out or being “ok” in a group setting without a drink (not that we do that often…). Overall, I am happy we are doing it. It is good to fast in different ways.

SO! choose a month, and make it dry from something you consume that you “think about” when consuming it… Be it Candy, Alcohol, Bread, Coffee… whatever, fasting like this can be beneficial in many ways spiritually, physically and mentally.


Islands in the Sky

I love how flying above low clouds in winter looks. There is the top of the mountains just pushing through the weighty look like a strong string of words of encouragement to my kids or wife… Or maybe from a good friend enlightening your understanding of a deep question.

Mountains in the clouds

Coding Questions? Stack Overflow.


For the past few years my skills have grown exponentially. Learning how to code has never been easier than it is today. There are so many amazing learning resources online, just type in what you are looking for and a tutorial has been written or a discussion has begun.

Of all the learning resources out there, my favorite isn’t a tutorial site or a video series, it is the Q/A website, StackOverflow.

StackOverflow has a huge crowd of amazingly knowledgeable people sharing their combined powers to better the coding community. Find your answers, and help to answer questions by contributing your knowledge.