Dry February

sticky hands beer

Man, after the holidays, I needed a break from “having a beer” or “having a drink,” so we are doing dry February.  It’s not as bad as you might think! I love having a beer after a good ski / ride with friends or just hanging out chatting, but after the first few days of saying to myself: “i’m going to grab a beer” and then remembering the dry February commitment, it’s been pretty smooth. I was really hoping I’d feel this amazing weight loss or clarity in vision or the like, but really, nothing besides thinking about and having a beer in my hand has changed…

I know this is really hard for some, so I am not at all discounting that, and that was part of why I did this… to really see if I was somewhat dependent on it for feeling different, relaxing, conversation, hanging out or being “ok” in a group setting without a drink (not that we do that often…). Overall, I am happy we are doing it. It is good to fast in different ways.

SO! choose a month, and make it dry from something you consume that you “think about” when consuming it… Be it Candy, Alcohol, Bread, Coffee… whatever, fasting like this can be beneficial in many ways spiritually, physically and mentally.