Sunrise Ski

Praxis Skis

There is something to beating the sunrise in the morning. The world looks so different, so fresh, so quiet… It might be easy for me, since mornings are my favorite time of day. Getting up while it is dark and watching the environment around me become exposed to the first light beams while out for a run, walk, ski, ride or even cup of coffee/tea on the front porch is… right.  It is just right.

Silverton Mountain

If you are a skier, you know about Silverton Mountain. This tiny idea to ski big mountain lines in Colorado’s know sketchy snowpack happened and happened really well. Silverton is fun. Silverton has big lines. Silverton is not crowded. It is so nice to  have your prepaid ticket ready for the day you are going to ride and just enjoy it with very few others.

The little lift gives it a rustic vibe. The van rides from the bottom of the runs and the yurt all make it really “rootsy” and totally worth the experience.