Running the Mt Ashland Hillclimb: 13.5 miles long, 1 mile up!

Mount Ashland Hillclimb

So I’ve been a bit out of the running scene. I’ve managed to have a slight pain in my Plantar, so I haven’t been putting in the miles… I wasn’t going to do this race even though I signed up for it 6 months before with all the ambition in the world to dominate myself in it. I just hadn’t been feeling like stressing my feet more than I should and end up with some kind of “life long debilitating deal” that will not allow me to continue a semi-active life… After watching every known yoga video and physical therapist on YouTube talking about Plantar Fasciitus, I took full responsibility to heal up as well as I could and just maybe run this race. I stopped running long distances in mid June and began stretching, massaging and strengthening my feet as best I could. I ran shorter distances in a variety of shoes and even a few runs in my Xero 4mm sandals to keep my feet strong and flexible.

August 10th, 2016, I wasn’t going to run it. August 13th, 2016 I showed up with all the other runners to get jazzed up to run uphill for 3 hours (for me at least)! I call this my couch to half marathon. I did it. I finished and that was my goal. Hopefully next year I can actaully have miles on my feet before this race and best myself by 30 mins or so. If you want a good challenge, check out the Mount Ashland Hillclimb run!

30K Lost Creek Trail Run – Running in Southern Oregon

Trail Run

I’ve been running for the better part of a year now and am really enjoying it. Since the start of this path in my life, I’ve set goals. My first goal was to run a 10K, so I signed up for and ran the Santa Cruz Trail Run. Next I was set on running a half marathon (13.1 miles), so I found one while in Grants Pass and ran it, though I’ve completely given up on road running since finding the flow in the woods! Next up was the 30K. I had been running long runs in the 20 mile range, this fit in just perfectly and the trail is amazing, so I thought I’d share the loop. If you are a trail runner, this is a super fun race to get in on. They even have a 50k if you are inclined.

Next up is the 50k! Now to find one that looks amazing and go for it!

Bolt Mountain – Running in Southern Oregon

View from Bold Mountain

Early on in my training for the Mount Ashland Hill Climb, I decided to run the Bold Mountain trail. This is a an out and back 6.5 mile run. Parking is either just inside the Fish Hatchery Park day use area (need a day or season pass) or just outside on the side of the road away from neighbors driveways.

The first 1 mile or so is flat and mellow, then it heads up hill for the next 2.5 miles. Mile 2 is the rocky section with a bunch of baby heads and looser large rocks. I would say this trail is not for the “unstable” runner, especially on the way back down. My favorite section of this trail happens as you hit mile 2.3 or so. It turns around the west side of the mountain and into a forested / tree covered section of the trail. I’ve seen Eagles fly out of here in the morning as I’m slogging along. Once you reach the last turn before the summit you are welcomed again to a wide open view of the valley’s below on both sides of Bolt Mountain. By the way, I ran with a handheld 20oz water bottle, but was out of water when I got back to the car. There is no drinking water around that I know of…

FYI, This is a multi-use trail. I’ve seen and ridden bikes on it, though I have yet to see anyone on a horse.

10K Santa Cruz Trail Run


I needed some new way to expend energy and stay in good shape after a ditch gap gone wrong on my mountain bike. My hand had a new hole in it and I couldn’t hold the handle bars. Running is really popular in Auburn California, the town we were living near in Northern California. I started on the road, but soon found I loved the dirt trails on my feet as much as I liked them on my SB95… almost. 🙂

I downloaded my first “10k training plan” from the well known Hal Higdon and followed it to the letter. A few months later I jammed down to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park with my family cheering me on and raced my first 10k trail run. It was so energizing! I ran better than I thought I would and felt prepared by all the great advice I read on so many running sites about training for the trail you will be running… It really worked out.

Next Up: Half Marathon!